Monday, November 26, 2012

Go OUTSIDE the Box with Your Gifts! Two Ideas!

Hope you all had a good Cyber Monday!  What did you buy?!  If you're like us, you mainly bought things for your own household that you needed anyway!

If you're looking for some good, personal gift ideas for the crafty people in your life, here are two!  My mom gave me the first one as a Mother's Day present last year, and it was one of my absolute all-time favorite gifts.  I took my son and we had a great time.

Color Me Mine - The Art Of Having Fun
Idea #1 - A gift card to Color Me Mine (or any paint-your-own-pottery studio).  These places are not cheap, but they often have coupons for discounted painting time in the Entertainment Book.  A gift card is just a thoughtful way to get them started.  It would be even better if they take you with them! 

Idea #2 - A gift card to Painting with a Twist.  This is a new franchise that sounds awesome.  Paint, canvas, and brushes are provided, as is an experienced local artist who leads you step by step through the process of recreating the featured artwork. At the end of the evening, you'll have a finished painting that YOU made.  Again, this would be a great experience for the recipient to share with a friend or family member!

How great are presents that you can look forward to enjoying later, after the holidays are over?