Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Blind Date with a Book - Would You?

I looooove to read.  It started at an early age, when I would bring books into school and read them under my desk, turning the pages as slowly and quietly as I could.  And now, I still love to read.  I admit, I'm too faithful to my old standby categories, and probably don't experiment as much as I should. 

My local library sent this in their latest e-newsletter, and it is such an intriguing idea to get readers into the library....

Looking for a date?

Fall in love with a hidden gem or find the story of your dreams with our Blind Date with a Book. The library staff has wrapped up a selection of books available for immediate check out, giving readers the opportunity to go beyond their comfort zone and expand their literary horizons. Stop by  and take a chance. 
It is such a cute idea, yet, I don't know if I would read a book, sight unseen.  It's silly, I know - such a small risk!  Would you be interested in this proposition????  What books would you recommend to another reader for a "blind date"?