Friday, May 24, 2013

Make Your Own Soccer Ball Cake (or Tennis Ball Cake.. or Baseball Cake... or...)

So, now you know how to make the best ever chocolate cake recipe (from a mix).  It's time to decorate it, with no Martha Stewart skills or tools required!

To make a soccer ball, tennis ball, baseball, volleyball (you get the point!) cake, you have two choices... You can purchase a ball-shaped cake pan from somewhere like Jo-Ann Fabrics.  I used this Wilton Soccer Ball 3D Cake Pan.  Don't forget to google for a Jo-Ann coupon (at least 40% off). Plus, they frequently offer $0.97 flat shipping.   They also sell baseball cake pans, volleyball cake pans, etc., but any of them will do...  You're just going to cover it with frosting anyway, so the little details from the pan won't be visible.

Don't feel like ordering a cake pan?  I've heard that you can use glass bowls to bake a round cake.  Disclaimer:  I've never tried this, so proceed at your own risk!  Interested? Here's a tutorial from

Okay, now that we've covered the pan part, let's get to the fun, sweet stuff!!

Make Your Own Easy Soccer Ball Cake
(or Tennis Ball Cake or Baseball Cake or Basketball Cake or Volleyball Cake)

  • Large bag of mini M&Ms
  • One container of ready made frosting (I used white / vanilla)
  • One easy-flow decorating frosting (they come with their own disposable tips, and you can get them at the grocery store!)
  • Candles (including a number candle)
For this post, we'll talk about making a soccer ball cake, but this premise can be easily modified for any kind of sports cake.  Just change the frosting color, M&M color, and pattern!

    Cake Management
    • When baking a dome shaped cake, be prepared for it to take a LONG time!  At 350 degrees, using my favorite recipe, it took 1 hour and 15 minutes.  But, the cake was still moist and delicious.
    • Let it cool for about 10 minutes in the pan or bowl.
    • Identify which plate or tray your cake will be stored and served on.  Put the plate over the top of the pan or bowl.  Carefully invert.  Give the pan a few good whacks to dislodge the cake.
    • Let the cake cool completely.  Frosting doesn't like warm cakes.
    • Using a pastry brush (if you have one), lightly brush any crumbs off the cake.
    Decorating Time
    • Following the instructions on the can, stir your white frosting until it's nice and fluffy.  
    • Using a spatula or big serving spoon, start dolloping the frosting on the top of the cake.  
    • Touching the frosting only with the spatula or spoon, spread the frosting all over the top and down the sides.  The trick is to keep your spreader from touching the actual cake while you frost.
    • If you get globs of frosting on the plate (as can happen!) take a wet paper towel, and carefully wipe it off as best you can (or, just don't worry about it!).
    • Using brown mini M&Ms, make soccer ball hexagons all over the cake. Connect them with "lines" of M&Ms.
    • Plan where you're going to put your candles, so you can leave room for writing.  I cheated and used candles that spelled out "Happy Birthday."
    • Using the finest tip provided, prepare the easy-flow frosting by practicing writing on a paper plate to get the hang of it!
    • Then, write your message to the lucky person!
    The candy M&Ms combined with the frosting and delicious cake is a heavenly combination!!!  You will be looking longingly at the leftovers as soon the birthday boy or girl is done with the first serving.