Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Instant Therapy - Free, creative, and no calorie!

I have a theory... The world would be a gentler, kinder place if everyone was required to color every day.  I'm serious!  My son LOVES to color, and I always loved coloring as a kid.  But, when I would sit and color with him, I would zip through the pictures in his coloring books too fast!

Enter: Coloring books and coloring pages for GROWN-UPS!  You think I'm kidding, but it's the most relaxing thing in the world!.  Once at a consignment sale, I bought a pack of three grown-up coloring books for $1. 

You can find awesome, sophisticated coloring books lots of places, like Barnes & Noble (they actually have an "Occupy Wall Street" themed coloring book).  Just be careful what happens when you google "Adult Coloring Books"... You'd be a little surprised (and a lot grossed out!)  

Here are the benefits of coloring with your kids....  It's CREATIVE, relaxing, and it makes them want to talk about their days.  We've had the best conversations during coloring sessions!

Want to experience the zen of coloring without committing to a whole book?  My friend turned us onto printable Mandalas.  Mandalas have long been used as beautiful pictures used while meditating, so there you go!  You can't argue with thousands of years of Eastern philosophy, can you?

There are TONS of spots on the web, but here's one to get started for printing your mandala coloring pages. 

Printable Mandalas

Happy coloring!!!!!  Just don't blame me when you're so relaxed that you forget to make dinner!