Friday, January 11, 2013

Turning Lemons into Lemonade - What I Did with TWELVE Year Old Bottled Water!!!

Last week, my son and I were cleaning out our hallway closet and we made a discovery - Two 1 gallon bottles of water.  That doesn't sound bad, does it?  Well, they had been purchased in 2001!!  That's right, 12 years ago!  We were all still listening to N'Sync, watching Moulin Rouge, and loving Jack Bauer on 24.  I had purchased the bottles right after September, 2011, in an effort to be prepared.  Without realizing it, they endured two moves in multiple counties and were with me when I got married and bought a house.  Sniff sniff.  
Yes, that says "EXPIRATION DATE: 2003"
Well, last week I realized that it was time to let them go.  But it seemed like a sin to waste that water!  What to do?

Right near them in the closet was some plant food in granule form.  We'd never used it before because it needed to be mixed with one gallon of water.  It was like a sign from above!!!!
Mixed with Plant Food - Beautiful, blue, ready for action!
We scooped the plant food into the gallon bottle, shook it up, and gave some TLC to our plants around the house.  The bottle had a little handle, and worked like a charm.  Plus, I didn't need to keep refilling it like my small watering can.  So, now it's found new life as a watering can.  Maybe it will be with me for another 12 years!!! 
A happy customer
How do you get creative with recycling?