Sunday, June 30, 2013

Lego Building Challenge #1 - Supermarket (Wegman's anyone?!)

Summer is here!  Time is aplenty.  Challenge your little (or big) builder with a Lego theme for the day.  If you have to, break apart all of those old creations that have been gathering dust and start fresh!  Need some inspiration for themes!? Check back every Monday for a new building challenge!

Lego Building Challenge #1 - Supermarket

Because every town needs a supermarket!  Supermarkets are fairly easy to make.  Start with your largest base plate and make walls.  Since the fun is in the details, it's not necessary to make a roof.  Stock the interior with all of those little accessory pieces, like flowers, wheelbarrows (for shopping carts), etc.  Make shelves and tables.  The nice thing about the supermarket idea is that it doesn't really need too many specialty pieces to make.  Staff it with your favorite mini-figures and your store is open for business.

More shots of our Lego Wegman's: