Thursday, November 29, 2012

Design on a Dime - How to Get the Most Out of Old Furniture, Part I

I loooooooove finding uses for old furniture, or furniture that is not as quality as it could be (a.k.a., junky furniture).

The Problem:  Old furniture, plus an unorganized, poorly utilized closet.
The Solution:  Use an old chest of drawers in your closet.

Many times, the lower halves of closets aren't utilized to their potential.  While my dream is to turn this space into one of those HGTV closets with tons of shelves and racks and built-ins, I'll settle for a few extra drawers for now!  Realizing that my old, beat-up IKEA dresser wasn't the attractive thing in the world, I used some decals purchased from JoAnn Fabrics for $1 and dressed it up a little. You could also paint it, stencil it, etc.  If room permits, you could put a little mirror on it and turn it into a little vanity.  A few old scarves hung from the shelf help make the closet look a little more fun.  Oh, and don't pay attention to the ironing board next to the dresser.  I NEVER use it and am the worst ironer in the world!

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