Thursday, November 29, 2012

Design on a Dime - Get the Most Out of Old Furniture, Part II

The Problem:  Under-utilized bottom half of kids' closet due to the those short, cute little clothes.
The Solution:  Use an old (or inexpensive new) bookshelf to create instant storage.

My son has tons of books (a great problem to have) and a nice-sized closet.  So, we went to Big Lots (one of my favorite stores) and got an inexpensive bookshelf for $20 to put underneath his clothes.  We use it for books, but you could use it for toys, shoes, etc.  We also have a nice, cozy chair right next to the closet, so the books are within easy reach!

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  1. Great idea! We currently have books all over the floor!

  2. Thanks! :) It's easy to keep organized once they're all in there, too!