Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Make Cheap & Easy Wall Art - Part III

And here's my last idea of the day for making cheap and easy wall art.  With this project, you can make a wall hanging for adults or children.  I purchased a cute white, horizontal collage frame at Jo-Ann Fabric (most of my stories begin there), but wasn't sure about what to put in it.  Not long after, I was in Trader Joe's (aka, heaven on earth), perusing their greeting cards.  They have beautiful, artsy cards for $1.00 each.  Several of them had a Hawaiian, beachy feel, so I picked out my five favorites and put them in the collage frame.

Here's the end result....

The "Tropical Retreat" sign underneath was an impulse purchase at a local Hallmark.  At first I loved it, but I've been looking at it lately with a very critical eye.  I think that our time together may be drawing to a close.  We'll see!!!

Anyway, you could do this project with any kind of collage frame and any kind of "art", i.e. postcards, greeting cards, advertisements, etc.  Let me know what you come up with!