Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Make Cheap & Easy Kid's Wall Art - Part II

Here's another way to make a quick and easy wall decoration.  For years, my little guy had a baby quilt hanging in his room.  When he got bigger, we wanted to update his room to a fun vehicle theme.  When we took down the quilt, it left a big, open space on the wall.  Being huge Richard Scarry fans, we decided to make a Busytown-themed decoration using things we already had.

We picked Richard Scarry, but any kind of vibrant book cover could work.  Here's what you need:
1)  4 or more of your child's favorite books
2)  3 pieces of posterboard.  1 should be white, or a neutral color, and the other two should be the same color of whatever you want.
3)  An old poster-sized frame.  We used an old one we had in the basement that I had hanging in my room in college.
4)  Paper borders that can be purchased from the craft store (shouldn't cost more than a few dollars).

Bring the books to your local Staples or copy store.  Make high-quality color copies of each book cover.  Enlarge them if the books are small.  And, make sure you bring all of the books home with you!  We accidentally left one of them in the copy machine and had to return immediately to get it!

Arrange the covers on the white piece of posterboard.  A poster-sized frame will be larger than the piece of posterboard, so take the other two pieces that you purchased and arrange them so that they're the size of the frame.  A little seam shows, but it's not obvious if you use a dark color.  Position the white piece on the two other pieces, add paper borders if desired, and frame it up.

Quick, easy and fun!