Thursday, April 4, 2013

Build Your Own Lego Man - Free Pattern!

My next post was created by a very special guest, my six year old son!!!  For St. Patrick's Day, we made a cool shamrock out of legos after seeing this pattern for it on Pinterest.

A few weeks later, my son ran downstairs one morning and was busy working for about an hour.  After which, he unveiled LEGO MAN.  LEGO MAN has been sitting on our kitchen table for two weeks, and has become part of the family.

If you'd like LEGO MAN to become part of your family (or are just looking for a simple project to do), check out our free pattern. 
My son really enjoyed making the pattern almost as much as creating LEGO MAN.  He counted the different types of blocks in each row and tallied them up.  You can customize it however you want (just make sure to stand it up on a base plate).

Which, brings me to my next idea...  Challenge your kids to come up with their own lego creation, and then make a hand-drawn pattern from it.  I used to Excel to input the pattern and make it look purdy.  However, it took me a loooong time, so I'm sure there's an easier way!

And, from the world of Pinterest, here are some other cool looking project ideas...