Wednesday, February 27, 2013

The Final Frontier - How to Organize Refrigerator Art

I've been through many phases in my life.... collecting magnets on every vacation, papering the fridge with every photo I have, decorating it with adorable art from my little man, hanging dry-erase boards, you name it.  Right now, I am craving a peaceful feeling when I look at my fridge, which is no easy thing.

When I googled and pinterested (Is that a verb?  It should be), I couldn't find too many ideas, besides very expensive fridge frame magnets (like picture frames, but with powerful magnets).  So, I headed to my happy place (JoAnn Fabrics) on a random shopping trip, and happened on the PERFECT thing in the clearance rack.  It was like divine intervention.  So, I whipped up:

Enter:  Darice Magnetic Pages.  I think you're supposed to use them with some sort of fancy cutter thingy, but I don't have one of those.   When searching online for a product like this, search for "Magnetic Sheets" or "Magnetic Pages".

1.  First, I measured and drew several different size frames out of each page (I know, it's hard to see!)

2.  By folding in each page in half, I was able to snip a hole from which I could cut out of the rest of each frame.

3.  Then, came the fun yet hard part - Making it purdy!

I tried a few things:
1)  Coloring them with a gold, metallic pen
2)  Cutting out various pretty scrapbooking papers and mod podging them on
3)  Painting them with acrylic paints

After many experiments, coloring them with gold pen worked best.  Make sure to let the frames dry thoroughly before handling them!!!  My second favorite were the scrapbooking papers.  The thicker the paper the better, otherwise it can curl.  Unfortunately, the paint slid right off the frame and required a LOT of coats.

I use each magnet to "frame" my son's artwork and my favorite photos.  Another way to get creative is to cut "photo corners" out of the magnets and use them to hang up pictures of various sizes. 

Is the outside of my fridge a ticket to instant zen?  I'm not sure, but it does make me happy to see so many special memories and creations in an uncluttered way.  How do you keep your fridge looking good?!