Thursday, January 24, 2013

SIX Things You Need to Know About the City of Motherly Love

Maybe you've been with us since the beginning (thank you!), or maybe we've just met (nice to meet you!)...  Either way, here are six things you need to know about the City of Motherly Love

1.  We LOVE making (and eating) delicious food.  Some of our tried and true greatest hits are on our new "Motherly Love Recipes" page, just waiting for you to try them out.

2.  We LOVE being crafty and creative.   We're cooking our way through our DIY Heirloom Cookbook.  Our old furniture has never looked so good.  Staying warm is a snap with this easy to make fleece hat.  And, when we're not crafting and creating, we're reading good (and not so good) books.

3.  We LOVE being social.
-  Let's get together on Pinterest and Twitter.  Let's mingle in the same circles on Google Plus.  

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-  Link up with us at our linky party.
-  Enter to win our second fabulous giveaway.

4.  We LOVE making our kids happy.  Let us help you go from "Bored" to "Board" with our 1st Guide to Board & Card Games for Little Kids.  Make their rooms special with our Cheap & Easy Kids' Wall Art series.  Be a superhero by snagging them a free subscription to Lego Jr. magazine.

5.  We LOVE getting organizedRepurpose old containers for style and substance.  Learn how to conquer your growing mountain of digital photos with our two part series.  If all else fails, here's a hint on how to hide your mess in a crafty way!

6.  We LOVE having funWe're definitely not Martha Stewart around here (and that's okay!) and we're not afraid to admit it!  

So, thanks for visiting the City of Motherly Love today!!  We hope to see you again soon.